Natoscha McKinnon

Owner, Learn and Soar

Day 2
9:00 am
10:00 am

Moving Beyond the Elevator Pitch: Transforming Your Business Into a Brand

Gain tools to help you build a detailed business pitch to highlights your company's unique selling proposition, the special factor that sets your business apart and attract customers and resources

Natoscha McKinnon is a certified educator and owner of Learn and Soar and Les Cookie Delight, both Maryland based companies. She bridges her passion and experience to help entrepreneurs transform.

Natoscha McKinnon is a Maryland State certified Elementary & Special Ed Teacher as well as a certified School Counselor. After 18 years of serving families in the K-12 school systems, Natoscha decided to transition out of education and become an entrepreneur. She started Learn and Soar, a business consultant firm which has given her a way to bridge both passions. Natoscha now uses her education background to help parents navigate through the K-12 school systems while at the same time helping entrepreneurs see their business as more than just a business, but a brand.

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