Richard A. Roberts

Business Coach, Buying, Selling, Merging Companies

Day 2
9:00 am
10:00 am

How to Buy or Sell a Business

Learn how to buy and sell a business

Richard Roberts is a serial entrepreneur and corporate executive with experience in buying, selling and merging companies.

Richard Roberts graduated from what is now VCU with a Business degree. After working for AT&T, he became Executive Director of the Plumbing and Mechanical Contractors of Virginia and the Pennsylvania Plumbing Contractors Association where he lobbied for public health laws and taught business procedures to contractors. He moved to Hagerstown to  work for Home Construction Corporation, building and selling new homes. Richard started a metal-working business, and sold it to Gulf+Western, Inc. a conglomerate with a factory in Philadelphia.  Shortly, when G+W Corporate closed that division, he bought half of the Philadelphia division  from G+W.  He started a business in Ohio, He closed that and moved to Chicago to assist a friend in buying Reliance Tool and Mfg. Co., a larger metal-working company.  He worked there as Director of Corporate Development for 25 years, buying and selling several companies, and pieces of companies.  In total he has been involved in over 20 transactions involving starting, buying, merging and selling companies, or parts of companies. In his spare time he writes non-fiction stories.

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