Mark Appenzellar

Director of Content Development, ValorExcel

Day 2
1:00 pm
2:30 pm

Taking Your Organization’s Temp

Gain a fresh perspective on your organization's dynamics and ascertain whether you are operating in an inactive, reactive, or proactive mode. Embrace the insights that will fuel positive change and drive your organization toward a brighter future.

Mark Appenzellar has over 20 years of experience as an operations analyst, project manager and superior technical writing skills to facilitate process documentation and training

Mark Appenzellar focuses on content development, project management, and business policies. Before joining our team, Mark was an operations analyst and project manager for 14 years at First Data Merchant Services. Before that, he spent 15 years at Citicorp using his superior technical writing skills to facilitate process documentation and training.

Mark was awarded the Citicorp Corporate Service Excellence Award for significant contributions to the company. Mark's attention to detail and years of experience managing information make him the perfect candidate to help start-ups reach a level of excellence that others can only dream about. He excels at auditing, modifying, testing, and amending data.

He can also train and coach members to create comprehensive reporting systems and perform technical and analytical evaluations of workflows.

Mark co-produced and co-hosted the Valor Media podcast from 2020-2022 and engages in video and audio production and editing to create training and promotional videos. He also publishes weekly episodes on the YouTube channel, ValorExcel, in which he discusses strategies for small businesses and nonprofits to become thriving organizations.

He is the author of a novel, "The Year of Losing Things," published in 2010 by Innovo Publishing. He has many years of experience as a vocalist, instrumentalist, songwriter, recording engineer, and producer. He released his first solo album of original compositions, “With Us,” in 2021.

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