Daphney Michelle Smith

CEO, Broker Builder Solutions

Day 2
9:00 am
10:30 am

Panel Discussion: My Entrepreneurial Journey

Join owners of Transpromotion, Broker Builder Solutions, Mindo, Future Broadband and ExciPlex for a discussion on entrepreneurship as each owner share their personal experience launching their product or service
Day 1
3:00 pm
4:00 pm

Employee Benefits and Data Integrity

The workshops aims to help you to optimize your organization's benefits onboarding and open enrollment processes and provide insight on how to efficiently audit and reconcile carrier enrollment data and invoicesusing industry best practices.
Day 1
8:00 am
9:30 am

Opening Ceremony

Create a special moment with us as we ring the opening bell to Startup Week.

Broker Builder Solutions, LLC was founded by Daphney Michelle Smith in 2015 after years of working in Coordination of benefits at United Health Care.

Broker Builder Solutions, LLC (BBS) was founded by Daphney Michelle Smith in 2015. She left her employment at Employee Navigator after relocating to North Carolina to be closer to her son and attend his football games.

Daphney found her love for benefits 20 years ago working in Coordination of benefits at United Health Care. Prior to founding Broker Builder Solutions, Daphney spent time at Pierce Group Benefits, managing EDI Implementation of their clients onto the Selerix Benefits administration software, a 6 year tenure at Employee Navigator where she started in Sales and later moved into managing the overall implementation and renewal of clients onboarding onto the software, a 6 year tenure in Account Management and Debit Card adjudication at FlexAmerica later purchased by PayFlex.

Throughout her career Daphney has been able to develop interpersonal skills that have allowed her to build lasting relationships with each and every partner. Daphney’ s vibrant and vivacious personality puts our partners at ease from the moment of contact. Coupled with her passion for helping  and inspiring people, and knowledge of the benefits industry and technology, Daphney’ s talents bring a unique set of skills and insight to the Benefits and IT industries. With a founder that is passionate about her product and a corporate ethic to go the extra mile in all things, BBS delivers a high-quality service custom tailored to each of our clients. These exclusive qualities that were the building blocks of the organization have been passed down to a zealous team of Benefits Administration Support Staff with the same high standards of developing trust and consistency from beginning to end.

Daphney resides in North Carolina with her dog Gizmo, with occasional visits from her 3 children and 2 granddaughters who live close by. Daphney enjoys giving back to her community and has founded Women Who Uplift, a non-profit organization that focuses on mentorship to help women become better versions of themselves.

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