Austin Colby

President & CEO, Ship Simply

Day 1
3:45 pm
4:30 pm

Is the Antietam Broadband Innovation Fund a Match for Your Company?

During their hosted happy hour event, the Antietam Broadband Innovation Fund Advisory Committee members will be available to answer questions, and make connections.

SHIPPING MADE SIMPLE Ship Simply reduces the complexity of order fulfillment by using intelligent software to streamline the shipping process. Thanks to its clean, accessible, and easy to learn platform, Ship Simply will help cut costs, ship more packages and save time!

In 2016, Ship Simply was born from a small team of entrepreneurs with a business and a need. Faced with a rapidly growing e-commerce company that struggled with antiquated shipping processes, we spent an incredible amount of time searching for software that fit our needs - only to come away empty-handed. Luckily, we have a group of extremely innovative developers who were able to craft an efficient, intelligent, and beautifully simple platform that we believe can completely change the landscape of the shipping and fulfillment space.

Our passion for this simplicity and desire to continually improve on what we’ve learned during our 20 years in e-commerce has produced an incredibly dynamic piece of software. Capable of bringing automation and efficiency to businesses of all shapes and sizes, our Ship Simply solution puts the power of shipping back into the hands of the retailers, distributors, and manufacturers navigating an ever-changing online marketplace.

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